What is new in Episerver 11 so far (for editors) [Revised]

Episerver CMS version 11 was released October 2017, with some tech changes, but what news are there for editors?

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Published 9th of March 2018
Revised Oct and Jan 2019, May, September, October 2018

The major versioning system is more a technical thing rather than a market communication event. The up versioning from 10 to 11 is pointing out that there are incompatible API changes that are needed for developers to address. In this case many code packages have been changed, also by naming, and the main purpose of that is to make Episerver .net Standard 2 compliant. And as of v11.3 you are able to run Episerver Core Framework as a stand alone platform independent app. This is a big tech breakthrough, it opens up for devs to build WebAPIs, console apps or imports apps cross plattform – on Amazon or Azure or Raspberry Pi or …

Episerver releases updates and new features EVERY WEEK. An update is applied through your partner developer, and should be part of your continuous delivery plan. Read more about why you should upgrade to the latest version – links below.

New features within CMS 11 that might be of interest for editors:

  • [New Jan 2019 v11.14] Support for commenting content in UI [link]
  • [New Jan 2019 v4.22] Form templates: Improve WCAG AA level compliance [link]
  • [New Dec v4.20] Form submission retention policy [link]
  • [New Dec] FORMS: Allowing multiple marketing automation connection simultanious with different credentials [link]
  • [New Nov v11.13] Summerize Approval emails [link]
  • [New Nov v11.12] Better Media selector with upload functionality [link]
  • [New 0ct v11.11] Better support for SPA in On Page Edit UI [link]
  • [New Anouncement Oct]Webforms support will be dropped in CMS version 12 – release 2019. [link]
  • [New Sept v4.18] FORMS – Support for multiple Marketing Automation Connectors [link]
  • [New Sept] FORMS – Does not collect personal data if policy set [link]
  • [New Sept] Approvals – Prevent users from approving own changes [link]
  • [New Aug] Approvals – Configurable if the person that requested approval can approve the changes
  • [New July] FORMS – allow editor to build dynamic form field dependencies 
  • [New June] FORMS – basic search functionality of Form Submission (GDPR)
  • [New June] Support getting geolocation from a request header / CDN
  • [New June] Session-less visitor groups [technical]
  • [New June] Feature notification feed in UI. Episerver can push out a news feed to users
  • [New May]  TinyMCE The WYSWIYG HTML editor is on the very latest version of TinyMCE
  • [New May]  Drag and Drop The editor now has better drag and drop support for more comfortable content editing.
  • [New May] FORMS clean up old data (GDPR)
    In order to reduce PII footprint in Episerver, old partial submissions (unfinalized ones) will be removed at regular intervals.
  • The CMS now remembers the last selected view mode, ensuring a smoother editing experience
  • In cooperation with the launch of the new Headless Delivery API, support for Single Page Application has been improved
  • Change approvals are out of beta and have been added for improved workflow management
  • Editors configuring approval sequences can require comments for declined or approved changes
  • Use access groups to define reviewers when configuring approval sequences
  • Automatic Image Optimization has been added to the Digital Experience Cloud service for ease of editing
  • Improved performance when loading large amount of uncached content
  • Pin the global menu in the UI
  • GDPR: log messages from CMS Core no longer contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Mark scheduled jobs as restartable in case of system shutdown
  • Form: Remove uploaded files when removing Forms data submission
  • Form: Export form submissions to xslx format
  • Form: Delete form submissions in bulk, rather than individually
  • Form: Datacapture via Forms is now available for Episerver Campaign
  • Form: Encryption of submitted data in database
  • Episerver Campaign: Iframe Support for integration in the Episerver dashboard
  • New propertytype: List of string/number/date

News for Episerver Commerce 13 (released 21 March 2019)

  • [v13.10] CSR UI: Client side routing (Beta)
  • [v13.9] CSR UI needs to inform if user logged out
  • CSR manage order and shipment status
  • [v13.8] Introduce a simple batch-saving API
  • Incremental product exports
  • Support for multiple channel tokens
  • Change currencies and markets
  • [v13.8] CSR UI – Custom fields on Order, Shipment and LineItem
  • [v13.7] CSR UI: Markets and currency (Beta)
  • [v13.6] Release CSR UI to open beta
  • [v13.5] Obsolete legacy APIs to improve maintainability
  • [v13.4] CSR UI: Take payments (Beta)
  • [v13.2] Track add and remove items from cart to support Power BI reporting
  • Replace basic components in Commerce CSR UI
  • [v13.1] CSR UI: Select shipping method (Beta)
  • CSR UI: Improve UI responsiveness (Beta)
  • Support for StringDictionary at API level
  • [v13.0] Ability to extend OrderStatus/OrderShipmentStatus
  • Per promotion catalog items exclusion
  • Remove gadgets using deprecated UI gadget framework
  • Remove legacy promotion system
  • API to get the parent IOrderGroup of an IOrderForm
  • ITaxCalculator should calculate taxes in batches, instead of per line item
  • Re-work rounding strategy in calculators
  • WarehouseInventory and WarehouseInventoryService should be removed
  • Version 13 breaking changes in API: https://world.episerver.com/documentation/upgrading/episerver-commerce/commerce-13/breaking-changes-commerce-13/

News for Episerver Commerce 12 (released 16 April 2018)

  • v12.15 CSR UI: Promotion coupons (Beta)
  • [New Jan 2019 v12.15 ] CSR UI: Edit customer information (Beta) [link]
  • [New Oct v12.10] CSR UI: Add line item [link]
  • [New Sept] Catalog export/integration with Episerver Campaign [link]
  • [New Aug] Collect data for reports (Beta) – new way of supplying order reports in Episerver Commerce
  • [New July] CSR UI: Edit line items (Beta) – Removing cartitems and quantity
  • [New July] Improve rounding strategy in promotion engine
  • [New July] Support multi-markets campaign
  • [New July] Create a new discount by copying an existing
  • Better built in support for taxes on different markets
    A new setting, IncludesTax, has been added for market, which indicates if prices in a market include tax
  • New UI: Find and display customer’s cart (Beta)
    First small part of the new Beta CSR UI, allowing the user to view (open existing or create) a customer’s default cart
  • Calculators have been restructured
    The calculators have been restructured to make them work more efficiently.
  • New properties have been added to IOrderGroup
    New properties have been added: MarketIdMarketName, and PricesIncludeTax to IOrderGroup. The Market property has been obsoleted.

News for Episerver Commerce 11 (released 26 July 2017)

  • Augment search result relevancy by known, previous and current user behavior with Personalized Find
  • Merchandisers can drag and drop products to position independently in each location
  • Improved processing in discount engine, when business has 100s of active discounts
  • Use Campaign management interface to search for discounts
  • Filter campaigns and discounts, a search box was added to the Campaign View to help you find campaigns or discounts.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns by tracking the number of orders discounted in the Campaign management interface
  • Improved catalog import performance
  • Service API updates including new Order and Customer methods to help integrate other applications and systems with Episerver Commerce data
  • Permissions have been improved across product catalogs to ensure tighter control over users with rights to modify (not on products yet)
  • Episerver now offers full support for OpenID Connect through Episerver Commerce
  • Improved performance for incremental indexing
  • The ability to exclude discounts at the item level
  • Change product sort orders in the catalog
  • List campaigns: Calculate number of orders for a promotion

Soon to come, spring 2018, Commerce 12!

New products or features within the CMS suite or if you prefer, the Digital Experience Cloud (DXC) Service

  • Episerver Personalized Find (part of the Episerver Personalization https://www.episerver.com/products/platform/personalization/)
  • Episerver Insight; for organizing and storing data based on visitor behavior and preferences, to provide segmented input for omnichannel marketing campaigns.
  • Feature: Headless! – Content can be published on mobile and web applications, without losing Episerver’s powerful content management capabilities. [New] Out in version 2.1 in October 2018
  • Episerver Campaign Updates – enables you to easily manage campaigns across web, mobile, email and text messages.

News in the DXC platform

  • [NEW May] Transition from NewRelic to Application Insights for all existing DXC customers.
  • Data Encryption – all marketing and commerce data stored in Service Instance(s) is automatically encrypted at the storage level
  • Automatic Failover – Route traffic out of one datacenter to another datacenter
  • Self-service Deployment – customers can now deploy changes directly from Integration to Pre-production (still not to production march 2018)
  • Episerver has added a new Canadian region to the Digital Experience Cloud Service
  • Automatic Image Optimization has been added to the Digital Experience Cloud service for ease of editing

Episerver is a vital platform moving forward, so a lot´s going on under the hood. I hope to see more news at Ascend 2018. I’ll be at both Las Vegas Ascend and Stockholm Ascend, let´s talk!

Developers out there, let me know if I missed anything! Comment! Cheers.

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