Easy Auto-Translation with AI-Assistant and LanguageManager Add-on in Optimizely CMS

Discover the new auto-translation combination in Optimizely CMS. By using the Epicweb AI-Assistant and LanguageManager Add-on together, translating content becomes easier, smart and accurate.

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By OMVP Luc Gosso

Published 23 Oct 2023
CMS 12

In today's digital world, talking to a global audience in their language is key. And its easier then ever, the AI-Assistant and LanguageManager Add-on in Optimizely CMS & Commerce now work together to offer auto-translation. This post will explain this new feature and how it can help spread your message far and wide.

The AI-Assistant for Optimizely CMS & Commerce, when linked with the LanguageManager Add-on, uses OpenAI ChatGPT to help with auto-translation. This makes translating content easy, smart and accurate.

Why use ChatGPT for Translation? 

  1. Advanced Language Understanding:
       - OpenAI's ChatGPT has been trained on diverse and extensive text data, enabling it to grasp complex language structures and nuances which is crucial for accurate translations.

  2. Cost-Effectiveness:
       - Utilizing ChatGPT for translations could potentially reduce the costs associated with traditional translation services or manual translations.

  3. Continuous Learning and Improvement:  
       - With continuous updates and learning from new data, ChatGPT's translation capabilities can improve over time, providing better and more accurate translations.

  4. Multilingual Capabilities:
       - ChatGPT supports multiple languages, which is beneficial for businesses looking to engage with a global audience.

  5. Real-Time Translation:
       - It can provide real-time translation, which is essential in scenarios like live customer support, real-time communications, or any application where instant translation is needed.

  6. Potential for Creative and Idiomatic Translations:
        - Due to its training on a vast array of texts, ChatGPT has the potential to handle creative or idiomatic expressions which can be challenging for more rigid translation systems.

What is Episerver.Labs.LanguageManager?

Episerver.Labs.LanguageManager is a widget in Optimizely CMS that provides translation features and a good overview of localizations. Despite having "Labs" in its name, LanguageManager is fully supported by Optimizely and helps with localization management. It has been known as a "lifesaver" since 2015 and is very helpful for many. You can find more information on LanguageManager here.

Translating content pages AND child blocks

A key feature lets LanguageManager translate content and sub-blocks in a way that makes translating simpler. Just a bit of setup in either the AppSettings.json or Startup.cs files and it can handle blocks of content during translation.


    "Episerver": {  
        "CmsUI": {  
            "LanguageManager": {  
                "TranslateOrCopyContentAreaChildrenBlockForTypes" : [  

Or in Startup.cs:

using EPiServer.Labs.LanguageManager;

public class Startup
    public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
        services.Configure<LanguageManagerOptions>(o =>

Source: https://docs.developers.optimizely.com/content-management-system/reference/optimizely-languages#configure-translate-children-blocks

The auto-translation feature by integrating AI-Assistant and LanguageManager Add-on in Optimizely CMS & Commerce is a big step towards global communication and easy content management.

More translation Features with the AI Assistant

Wait! you can use the AI Assistant in many other ways to translate, check this blog post => AI-Assistant: Breaking Language Barriers with Multilingual Text Translation

The AI Assistant: A Blend of Technology, Creativity, and Productivity

Feature-Rich for Enhanced Editorial Efficiency

Epicweb's AI Assistant comes with an impressive array of features:

  1. Text Suggestions and Alternatives: Overcome creative blocks with AI-generated suggestions and phrasings for your text.

  2. Multilingual Translation: Seamlessly translate your text into various languages, catering to a diverse audience.

  3. Image Generation: Create relevant and engaging images that complement your content.

  4. Image Transformer: Take any image, enhance it, and add new elements with AI-powered creativity. Transform the way you interact with images.

  5. New Text Generation: Generate fresh content that keeps your audience engaged.

  6. Text Summarization: Quickly condense long texts into concise summaries, saving time and maintaining essence.

  7. Spell-Checking: Ensure your content is error-free and professionally polished.

  8. Tone Adjustment: Tailor the tone of your writing to match your content's purpose, be it persuasive, informative, or otherwise.

  9. Keyword Extraction: Identify and extract key terms from your text for SEO optimization.

  10. Custom Prompts with ChatGPT: Leverage the power of ChatGPT to run your own prompts for unique content creation.

  11. Custom Shortcut Prompts: Add your own shortcuts for frequently used commands, enhancing productivity.

  12. Inline ChatGPT Help: Use ChatGPT directly within the platform for instant assistance.

Streamlined Integration into Optimizely

The AI Assistant is seamlessly integrated into every field within the Optimizely  CMS and Commerce platform, ensuring that these powerful features are accessible right where you need them—in the editor mode.

Getting Started with The Epicweb AI-Assistant:

Embarking on this transformative journey is simple. Follow our beginner-friendly guide or dive deep with our comprehensive documentation. Your journey towards effortless content creation begins here.

To get started with the free evaluation, simply visit our website to get started and download the addon to your Optimizely CMS and Customizable Commerce platform from the Optimizely Nuget feed.

Installation is quick and easy, 10 minutes allowing you to start harnessing the power of AI assistance in no time.

Note: This blog post has been enhanced with the help of the AI-Assistant for Optimizely.


AI-assistenten i Optimizely ökar din produktivitet och frigör tid, se filmen:


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