The missing feature: Link to containing parent for media and blocks when not used

Ever searched in media or block tab, and found an asset, but since it is not used, it is impossible to find where it is? and ultimatly not possible to "Move to trash"

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Published 7th of February 2020
Episerver.CMS 11

On a hack day recently i wanted to address this.

The problem was that i couldn’t find a plugin area for the “header” area on IContents in UI. Feature request CMS ui team, pls.

So the main concept was to subcribe to “changeview/updatestate” which is fired often, then attach the html under the “ID, Type” label.

Here is the gist, ParentContainer.js is dojo code, Put “parentcontainer.js” in “scripts” folder. Modul.config is needed in the root solution folder to trigger the js file.

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