Developer contest! Install the AI Assistant and Win Bose QC45 Headphones!

We are thrilled to announce a developer contest where you have the chance to win a pair of Bose Headphones. The goal is to be the first developer to install an AI Assistant into your Optimizely solution, use it in production for four weeks, and achieve a minimum of 50 interactions. Exciting, isn't it? Read on to learn more about the contest and how you can participate.

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By OMVP Luc Gosso

Winner gets QuietComfort 45 headphones


Contest Details:

The contest is designed to encourage developers to explore the potential of integrating an AI Assistant into Optimizely Content Cloud/Commerce solutions. By doing so, you can enhance the user experience, improve customer engagement, and unleash the power of artificial intelligence.

To participate, follow these steps:

  1. To install the AI Assistant, start by integrating it into your Customer Optimizely Content Cloud/Commerce solution. This process requires obtaining permission from your customer, which is best done by demonstrating the AI Assistant's features. Once you have their consent and approval, proceed to install the AI Assistant and push it to their production environment.

  2. Registration: Once the AI Assistant is installed, email us at support @ the domain on which it will be used, or use this form => . This registration step is crucial to track the progress of participants and verify the eligibility of the entries.

  3. Premium Subscription Activation: Upon submitting the domain information, we will activate a premium subscription for your customer. This premium subscription entails no license messages and provides priority use with no limitations. It ensures a smooth experience throughout the evaluation period.

  4. Evaluation Period: Utilize the AI Assistant in your production environment for a continuous period of four weeks. During this time, make sure to use the AI Assistant for a minimum of 50 interactions. These interactions could include customer queries, translations, suggestions, spell-checking, keyword extraction, or any other relevant tasks where the AI Assistant can provide value.

  5. The Winning Criteria: The first developer to successfully install the AI Assistant, complete the four-week evaluation period, and achieve a minimum of 50 interactions will be declared the winner. They will receive a fantastic reward—a pair of Bose QC45 Headphones!

Benefits of an AI Assistant in Optimizely Content Cloud/Commerce Solutions:

Integrating an AI Assistant into your Optimizely solution opens up a plethora of benefits:

1.   Suggestions and Alternatives: The addon offers real-time suggestions and alternatives for your text, helping you create compelling content effortlessly. Whether you need inspiration or want to explore different phrasing options, simply write your text and let the addon provide you with valuable suggestions.

2.      Multilingual Text Translation: The addon seamlessly translates your text into various languages. Whether you need to localize your content or communicate with international audiences, the translation feature ensures accurate and efficient language conversion.

3.  Text Generation: It can generate new text based on your input, providing you with creative ideas and expanding your content possibilities. Never run out of inspiration again with this powerful text generation capability.

4.  Spell-Checking: By using the #check spelling command, It identifies and autocorrects errors, allowing you to maintain a polished and professional image in your content.

5.  Keyword Extraction: The addon helps you extract relevant keywords from your text, enabling you to optimize your content and improve its search engine rankings.

6.  Text Summarization: The addon provides a concise summary, allowing you to grasp the key points and effectively communicate information to your audience.

7.  ChatGPT Integration: At the heart of the Epicweb.Optimizely.AI-Assistant Addon lies the powerful ChatGPT engine. This state-of-the-art language model, developed by OpenAI, brings advanced conversational capabilities to the Addon. You can interact with ChatGPT directly, running your own commands and seeking instant answers to your questions or assistance with various tasks.


The developer contest to integrate an AI Assistant into Optimizely Content Cloud/Commerce solutions is a unique opportunity to unlock the full potential of your implementation. By participating in this contest, you not only stand a chance to win Bose Headphones but also gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology and drive innovation in your projects. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to take your solution to new heights. Install the AI Assistant, register your domain, and embark on an AI-powered journey of discovery and transformation.

Good luck, developers! Let the contest begin!

Note: Please ensure compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and privacy policies when implementing and using AI technology. Obtain necessary permissions from customers and handle data responsibly. This product uses OpenAI APIs based in USA. EU based APIs is in the pipe. 

Getting Started with The Epicweb AI-Assistant:

Embarking on this transformative journey is simple. Follow our beginner-friendly guide or dive deep with our comprehensive documentation. Your journey towards effortless content creation begins here.

To get started with the free evaluation, simply visit our website to get started and download the addon to your Optimizely CMS and Customizable Commerce platform from the Optimizely Nuget feed.

Installation is quick and easy, 2 minutes allowing you to start harnessing the power of AI assistance in no time.

Note: This blog post has been enhanced with the help of the AI-Assistant.


Unleash the power of AI in Optimizely to boost your content creation.


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