Fotoware plugin for Optimizely CMS 12 .net 6 and 7, Commerce 14

Fotoware plugin is live for .net 6 and 7 (CMS12)

Using Fotoware and Optimizely? you might have missed the new version, since it has slightly changed name. Check this feature list of this DAM plugin.

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By OMVP Luc Gosso

Optimizely CMS 12 .net 6 and .net 7

Naming change

Beware that the plugin has changed name from FotoWare.PlugIns.Episerver to Fotoware.Plugins.Optimizely ! therefor it will not popup with automatically as an update in package manager.

Feature list

  • Easy to add to Optimizely solutions, both new and existing solutions.
  • The integration can be removed without affecting used assets.
  • Used assets from FotoWare can be synchronized into Optimizely's default asset management, making it easy for developers familiar with Optimizely to get started.
  • Examples how to use Fotoware CDN support for assets
  • It is possible to configure media to show only local assets, only assets from FotoWare, or both.
  • A developer can configure their own media models containing the metadata to be synchronized with FotoWare.
  • Since downloaded media become standard Optimizely media items, Optimizely keeps track of which media is used where in the solution.
  • FotoWare export picker and editor for web
  • Optimizely Commerce 14 support
  • Multisite support
    • use different instances of FotoWare per sites (or not)
  • TinyMCE support (the build in rich editor)
    • Configurable HTML template
  • Highly configurable by the developer
    • Choose which prop to add FotoWare
    • What file extension to allow
    • What metadata to sync from FotoWare
    • Event handling
    • Logging
    • Code samples in tools/extras package
    • Login token expiry days (default 14)


For sales:

For devs:


Customers have free!! support at fotoware dot com


For devs:

For sales:

Changelog for devs: Change log

Screen images

Imageprop with Fotoware

example Imageprop with Fotoware

Export widget in open mode:

containing Export widget in open mode, asset picker example

Example with FotoWare export editor



Media imported as native Optimizely Media


Import button in rich editor



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