Plugin manager back in CMS 12

Plug-in manager is back in CMS 12

Plug-in manager is back in the UI, what is it and how can i use it?

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Published 6th of October 2022
Version CMS 12.13

In this view you get an overview of which version of components are installed, and you can manager deactivation of properties and scheduled tasks.

Hide Scheduled tasks from UI

So for example, if you are not using the “Archive Function” you can hide it from the list (The archive function will move pages with expired stoppublishdate to selected archive folder if specified.)

Go to “plug-in manager” => Click “Episerver” => untick the scheduler task you wish to “hide” from WebAdmins.

Plug-in settings is obsolete

PluginSettings was a webforms functionality making is possible to save fairly static settings connected to your assembly. Unfortunately this functionalty has been discontinued “[Obsolete(“Support for saving settings for plugins will be removed in future. Use own custom persistance instead if needed”)]”

Episerver Admin plugin settings
This is a memory now, pluginsetting is no more.
Reflecting the code in EPiServer.Cms.UI.Admin.dll I can see that code is not implemented/returning null.


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