When to NOT use DDS in Optimizely CMS

When to NOT use DDS in Optimizely CMS

Simple checklist when to NOT use the dynamic data store ORM build in mapper in the CMS.

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Episerver CMS 11 and Optimizely CMS 12

Optimizely DDS is a built in ORM mapper to store simple objects into the database.

When to NOT use Dynamic Data Store:

If you need any of these functionalities it is probably better to look for alternatives

  • Versioning
  • Sorting
  • Projects
  • Relations
  • Wysiwyg-editor
  • User Interface
  • Drag n drop UI
  • Localization
  • Build in validation
  • Publishing
  • Content approval
  • Eventhandling
  • Good performance (over 1000 items)

Alternatives to DDS

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