Disable webhooks on #Episerver forms if not finalized

How to override the default actor to disable none finalized forms to be sent.

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Published 18th of dec 2019
Episerver Forms 2-5

After a visitor submits a form, Forms.Core calls Actors to perform additional processing on the server.

By default, Episerver Forms has two built-in Actors:

  • CallWebhookAfterSubmissionActor
  • SendEmailAfterSubmissionActor

WebHook is a simple event notification via HTTP POST; when a WebHook event is triggered, a HTTP POST request is sent to a URL.

Episerver Forms has built-in WebHooks with the CallWebhookAfterSubmissionActor. As a publisher of the event, WebHooks pushes all form data to the remote URL.

By default, the Form Step Action Element sends away a webhook action for every step.

Check the IsFinalized flag by overriding the CallWebhookAfterSubmissionActor. Code below only allows webhooks when forms are finalized.

using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Web;
using EPiServer.Forms.Core.Models;
using EPiServer.Forms.Core.PostSubmissionActor;
using EPiServer.Forms.Implementation.Actors;
using EPiServer.Forms.Implementation.Elements;

namespace Gosso.Mvc.Business
    public class CustomActorsExecutingService : EPiServer.Forms.Core.PostSubmissionActor.ActorsExecutingService
        public override IEnumerable<IPostSubmissionActor> GetFormSubmissionActors(Submission submission, FormContainerBlock formContainer, FormIdentity formIden, HttpRequestBase request, HttpResponseBase response, bool isFormFinalizedSubmission)

            var actors = base.GetFormSubmissionActors(submission, formContainer, formIden, request, response, isFormFinalizedSubmission);
            if (isFormFinalizedSubmission)
                return actors; //return all
            return actors.Where(a => !(a is CallWebhookAfterSubmissionActor));//do not return the webhook actor

And … register the custom actor

private static void ConfigureContainer(StructureMap.ConfigurationExpression container)


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