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Episerver Ascend brings together the Episerver community in Miami 27th-29th of October. Be sure to follow @emvp_life on Instagram for insta updates. Welcome!

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Published 24th of October 2019

Episerver Ascend is like christmas time for Episerver folks. Episerver staff has red suits, are full bearded and throwing new stuff at us. Great times ahead!

This year, Ascend USA will take place in a new, fantastic location, the iconic Fontainebleau in Miami Beach on October 27th-29th.

Did you know this about hotel Fontainebleau?

The Fontainebleau is playing part in the fictional TV serie Grand Hotel, which is about the Mendoza family. In the pilot, which was shot at the spot, and aired June 2019, we learn that they have to sell the property because patriarch Santiago Mendoza owes money to some shady people.

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The following episodes where filmed in LA, where a mini-replica of the Fontainebleau was constructed. The exterior shots shown throughout the season are still the real Fontainebleau.

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The Serie “Grand Hotel” is available on Netflix and Cmore.

Is it worth seeing?

The story is okay, it’s a beautiful location and the story makes you smile. It is very Latin/Spanish series inspired with elements of soap opera, and some actors ain’t the best. Some parts are kind of cheesy and predictable, but it gets to a twist which makes it worth seeing, together with great location and good looking actors.

More about Grand Hotel

Other movies shot on property

What about Goldfinger, The Bodyguard and Scarface for starters…

Top 10 Movies Filmed on Property

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