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I've scanned instagram for Episerver content. Here is a list of accounts to follow.

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Published 8th of october 2019

First of all, there is a new account @emvp_life that I strongly recommend you to follow:@emvp_life is an account covering Episerver community related content, tips and tricks from daily life of a professional Episerver Most Valued Professional. AND will be covering happy moments from “glamourous” life of an EMVP, from Ascend to summits to meetups.

Secondly, @episerver_global, the Official Episerver Account https://www.instagram.com/episerver_global/ – no further introduction needed.

Also … if interested:

Digital agencies working with #episerver on Instagram

Addon partners on instagram

Follow #Episerver #EpiDev

Do you know that you can follow tags? well you can =)

Are you instagramming Episerver related content?

Am I missing out any account or do you want followers?

Comment below and I update the list

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