Customize Summary in emails from #Episerver Forms

Episerver Forms is getting stronger. Here is a example of the how to customize the summary text with PlaceHolderProvider that is available in version 4.4.

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Published 10th February 2017
For Episerver Version 10 and Forms 4.4

PlaceholderProvider in the Episerver.Form.UI  Namespace >4.4 can be used to override the processing of the Placeholder tags #yourelement#

Placeholders are handled with PlaceHolderService. You can replace PlaceHolderService with your own implementation with Dependency Injection.

But in this example i will extend the DefaultPlaceHolderProvider
because i want to reuse the code and override some methods.

DefaultPlaceHolderProvider is the default implementation of IPlaceHolderProvider, which replaces FormElementPlaceHolders with an actual value and provides an extra #SUMMARY# placeholder.

I will add an ExtraPlaceHolder called #FriendlySummary#, that takes away all hidden fields.

Why Changing the summary:

Editors may use summary in every email when confirming the submission to the user. When they used hidden element, they also where showed in summary, and we don’t want that.


A form element that is implementing IExcludeInSubmission is automaticly not displayed in Summary, like the captcha element, but IExcludeInSubmission not applicable in this case.

My condition: All form elements with name starting with “Hidden… “ like “Hidden IP” or “Hidden VisitorGroup is returning user” or “Hidden anything” will not be displayed in my #FriendlySummary#

But you can also exclude PredefinedHiddenElementBlock or whatever block…

The form with hidden fields:



The email message:

The emailed result:

The idea in this example is to replace the value shouldNotShowInSummary with a real code, could be done in this provider code.

The Code example

using EPiServer.Forms.Core;
using EPiServer.Forms.Core.Internal;
using EPiServer.Forms.Core.Models;
using EPiServer.Forms.Core.Models.Internal;
using EPiServer.ServiceLocation;
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Web;

namespace Gosso.EPiServerTestSite.Business
    public class CustomDefaultPlaceHolderProvider : DefaultPlaceHolderProvider, IPlaceHolderProvider
        private readonly Injected<IFormRepository> _formRepository;

        public new IEnumerable<PlaceHolder> ExtraPlaceHolders
                return new PlaceHolder[] { new PlaceHolder("friendlysummary", string.Empty) };

        public new IEnumerable<PlaceHolder> ProcessPlaceHolders(IEnumerable<PlaceHolder> availablePlaceHolders, FormIdentity formIden, HttpRequestBase requestBase, Submission submissionData, bool performHtmlEncode)
            IEnumerable<PlaceHolder> plh = base.ProcessPlaceHolders(availablePlaceHolders, formIden, requestBase, submissionData, performHtmlEncode);
            Type[] excludedElementBlockTypes = new Type[] { typeof(IExcludeInSubmission)/*, typeof(EPiServer.Forms.Implementation.Elements.PredefinedHiddenElementBlock)*/ };
            IEnumerable<FriendlyNameInfo> friendlyNameInfos = this._formRepository.Service.GetFriendlyNameInfos(formIden, excludedElementBlockTypes);

            foreach (PlaceHolder holder in availablePlaceHolders)
                if (holder.Key == "friendlysummary")
                    holder.Value = this.GetFriendlySummaryTextWithoutHiddenFields(friendlyNameInfos, performHtmlEncode ? "<br />" : Environment.NewLine, requestBase, submissionData);

            return plh;
        //// Overriding default SummaryText
        //protected new string GetFriendlySummaryText(IEnumerable<FriendlyNameInfo> friendlyNames, string lineSeparator, HttpRequestBase requestBase, Submission submissionData)
        //    //IEnumerable<FriendlyNameInfo> names = friendlyNames.Where(u => !u.FriendlyName.ToLowerInvariant().StartsWith("hidden")).ToList();//remove hidden fields
        //    var str = "Hijacked! <br/>" + base.GetFriendlySummaryText(friendlyNames, lineSeparator, requestBase, submissionData);
        //    return str;

        protected string GetFriendlySummaryTextWithoutHiddenFields(IEnumerable<FriendlyNameInfo> friendlyNames, string lineSeparator, HttpRequestBase requestBase, Submission submissionData)
            IEnumerable<FriendlyNameInfo> names = friendlyNames.Where(u => !u.FriendlyName.ToLowerInvariant().StartsWith("hidden")).ToList();//remove hidden fields
            var str = "Hidden fields is not shown <br/>" + base.GetFriendlySummaryText(names, lineSeparator, requestBase, submissionData);
            return str;

Episerver Forms is getting better and better, PlaceholderProvider is great news. Even better would be to add a new property on BaseElement called “HideInSummary” by default.



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